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Key to the success of Camalus Development’s project success is the enhancement of human capital through Camalus’ Economic and Social Empowerment programme. In the achievement of this, Camalus ensures the promotion of skills development and enterprise development for Camalus’ staff and local SMMEs. Where possible, this will include the upgrade of the community and skills training to community members, enabling sustainable skills and knowledge transfer in all areas we operate.

Where ever we operate, Camalus ensures the maximum possible use of local community members for positions such as community liaison, the construction workforce, service provision and maintenance and facilities management post project. Skills audits are conducted on all staff regularly to ascertain their current skills level and a career direction statement completed for all construction staff. The career direction statement allows for the placement of the staff with appropriate training initiatives to effectively fulfil their individual personal mastery programme.

Provision is made on site for classrooms exclusively for teaching and training on all our project sites. Typical training programmes on our projects are basic mathematics from NQF level One; language and communication; leadership skills; skills development facilitators; productivity principles, Health and Safety; Drug and Alcohol Abuse; HIV / AIDS awareness; principles of quality assurance; environmental management; the ability to read, interpret and produce working drawings; specific product knowledge; computer literacy; an understanding of the elements of structures; and the organisation, implementation, control and maintenance of various construction disciplines.

Camalus’ Enterprise Development initiative encourages and facilitates the use of local SMMEs, as well as the development of new businesses. Individuals are encouraged to start up their own business and subcontract on projects, creating local entrepreneurs.

Camalus provides training and administrative assistance to these SMMEs such as the business knowledge and skills training which is required to further their business portfolios and reach. Basic skills such as government regulations, customer relations, project finance and budgeting, health and safety assurance and employer responsibilities all form part of Camalus’ SMME and Enterprise Development programme.

Camalus continuously makes provision in all our projects for the repair and restoration of community facilities, homes or recreational parks. To deliver a comprehensive and empowered community, Camalus understands that a community extends beyond the home.